Saturday, January 14, 2012

Definitely NOT

Babu Rao Kushwaha, who expelled from BSP, Joined BJP

Why BJP accepted Kushwaha, a tainted minister in their party?
Why this question is not asked from other parties when other people joined other parties. Kushwaha is backward class leader and Mayawati doesn’t want him to be the voice of backward class as she is suppressing the weak in the state of UP.

Kushwaha could fetch them 5-10 seats in the assembly election.

To Congress (Why CBI initiated inquiry against Kushwaha soon after he joined BJP?
It May be a coincidence in the proceeding of CBI which was continued long ago.

Government use CBI to for their personal benefit. And obviously there is the coincident that CBI raided Jagan mohan Reddy after he left congress

Subramaniam swami is facing charges against provocative remarks in National Newspaper and now the trail is going fast. He as also leading the case against P Chidambram who misuse his position to give benifit to his former client.

Subhramaniam's case is not going fast as he tries to stand against, its again co-incidence.