Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book Review: If God was a Banker

Author: Ravi Subramaniam
Publisher: Rupa
Rating: (2.8/5)

'If The God was a Banker" is a story from Ravi Subramaniam which not only speaks about the inside story from banking industry but also reveals the dirty story of the corporate world.

It is a story of two young management IIM's graduate with nothing similar in family background and temperament. Both took different routes to success, Sundeep was aggressive and go-getter and Swami was mature and sensible with high regards of good old ethics. 

There are other major characters in the book, including Natasha - Sundeep’s wife, Kalpana - Swami’s wife, and Aditya Rao, who is a friend, philosopher and guide to the two main characters.

Both rise quickly up the corporate ladder, but Sundeep’s career picks up very soon. His willingness to do anything to better his career brings him in contact with several unscrupulous characters. At one point of time, his life seems to be on the fast track - he gets promoted very soon, and he enjoys the company of many beautiful women, despite being married.

Sundeep's fraudulence is exposed during an audit, he gets discredited for all his doings and Swami is acknowledged as the top performer and  indispensable contributor in the organization.

The author portrays in crisp details, office politics, sexual relationships in office spaces, aggressive competitions within the company, and the frauds and manipulations that are part of the corporate world, in this book.

He used his long experience of banking industry and writes in a very simple language that is understood by everybody. The story is very predictive and does not creates any curiosity to read further.

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