Sunday, December 1, 2013

AAP: One of the alternate?

India is blessed with the multiparty system which makes everybody to keep their views in front of the people and can form the political party.

There is a portion of people who don’t want any change in the political system in India and continue to be the fanatic of any one of the political party. But there is a large chunk of people, who thinks themselves as the ideal common men, want the current system to be improved and get the issues resolves irrespective of who does that.

Most alternate parties are way apart from the issues that caters large segment of the people of the county, they hovers around the small/specific issues and fail to represent the people at large.

We’ve given chance to currently-dominant political parties and a lot have been done in the country. But those ideal common men feel that more could be done if they compare themselves with other developing countries like China.

In that scenario, when AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is claiming to represent the ideal common man of the country and, they are standing on the high mountain of tall promises, people are not apprehensive about that.

Experts says that they are far behind from the practicality of the county’s present situation and only miracles can have this possible still ‘those people’ would like to give chance to miracles when it is the only alternate.

There prevails the possibility that AAP leaders will become corrupt too but they still have an edge over the current political environment. When we have given many chances to the current political parties for sixty years then we can afford to give chance to this ‘alternate’ for five years who shows (although in the air) a light of hope to change or upgrade the present system.

If the alternate will be tested, depends on the number of these ideal common men.

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