Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happiness Simplified

The more we fool ourselves the more unhappy we are, isn’t it? Happiness is something we search most in an attempt to make us happy. The place where happiness is searched most these days is ‘Google’. We try different keywords to find it out; ‘what is happiness’, ‘how to get happiness’, ‘why happiness’, ‘how to remove boredom’ so on and so forth. And finally ended up in bundling some notes, taking some printouts, pin it on our desk, bedroom, study table, computer desktop, forcing us to believe that we have found the key to happiness but does it give us happiness? Second source of collecting the fooling material is self-help books (many of them if not all) where we want to improve us to be happy. Some self-acclaimed ‘Bestseller Book’ burdened us with a long list of to-do-steps which fills us with the feeling of guilt when we can’t practice them and we fall back into the auto-pilot mode where circumstances decides our way of action.

Furthermore, we are taught by ‘Smart People’ to behave in the certain way to be happy; one such attempt to show ourselves more and more happy to others, irrespective of we are or we are not. We try to be happier by showcasing our Happy-Personality to others, does it make us happy? Sources of gratification make us feel that we are happy but in reality we are not. Happiness is something which is permanent; gratification is temporary. Any action which gives us life (not only happiness) all the time we do, is real source of happiness, how?

Some friends of mine have helped me in understanding that. Varun, a computer programmer, is not one of the programmers who write codes for a paycheck from his company but programming is in his DNA. He can write codes through days and nights and that is happiness. Unlike many other programmers, he looks for the opportunities to write computer codes. My another friend is Vishal, a driller by profession but poet by heart, who has found his happiness in writing the poems. Recently, I came to know that he is going to write for some international publisher.

We have understood that how happiness has influenced our life but still we need to decode the secret of happiness. “When we are able to channelize our creativity in our action, there comes happiness”. Creativity is not confined to create a beautiful design, write poems, create computer app and so on. Creativity comes out when we connect with something and engrossed into it. To be connected is not to be influenced. We influenced with programming when we see somebody is earning a handsome amount of money in it. On the same time we influenced with an actor when we see a lot of people hangs around him/her. ‘I too can do that or I can do even better’ is connection and ‘I should do that’ is influence. The moment we find out the ‘Something’ we can connect with is the beginning of happiness.   

We cannot connect with everything or anything but we can connect with something which is in-sync with our true nature. When we connect, creativity flows into it and happiness follows.


Alin said...

Hey that's a great blog! I am feeling refreshed after reading your post! Thanks for the brilliant thoughts.

Rakesh said...

Thanks Alin!