Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dogma of Homosexuality

The SC’s verdict on article 377 provoke hue and cry from all sections of the society where some welcome and others consider it as the violation of fundamental right.

However, the dubious decision shoved in the court of parliament stating that parliamentarians are free to consider the desirability and proprietary of deleting or amending section 377 from constitution.

Before going into the perception of the denial to these people, we must understand the anatomy of ‘Sexual Orientation’ on which all perception depends. Sexual Orientation refers to the identity of the individual that endures the pattern of emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to men, women or both sexes.

Is homosexuality a mental disorder?

Researches have shown that there is no association between any of these sexual orientation and psychopathology. All mainstream organization long ago abandoned classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder. Some self-acclaimed medical wizard claims it to be as mental disorder but to date, there has been no scientifically adequate research to show that therapy aimed at changing sexual orientation.

Is it unnatural?

Whatever follows the principles of the nature and does not harm anybody is natural. But our awareness about anything also makes us to feel what is natural and what is unnatural. Couple of years back surrogacy, in-vitro fertilization, cloning, genetic fertilization were considered as unnatural whereas after long studies it is now considered as natural and lawful.
As of date, no study has proved homosexuality as unnatural and cause any harm to anybody.

Is it anti-religion?

I can’t say what all religious scriptures say about the notion of homosexuality but I do know that all religions spread the message of love in the mankind and eliminate the differences if there is any. There are 2.5 million gays/lesbians known in India and  many estimates if there includes unknown the number goes to 5 million.

If people are born in this way and homosexuality has become their identity then no religion can ignore what god has given, only the prejudiced custodian of the religion can deny the existence of such people’s identity.

Will it harm the society?

Social prejudice about homosexuality has closed all the doors of thinking and already made the decision that it will create imbalance in the society. Is it really?

We accept it or not but sexual orientation is the part of personality but society demands it to be changed via various means. In India, that means is marriage ‘Iski Shadi Karwa do Sab Theek Ho Jayega” (get him/her married everything will be alright), but does that really happen? When such people are forced to marry, it not only destroys the life of this person but also the life of the one who is now enslaved with this person.

Societies within society emerge out with time and all societies have to be respected. For eg. If we take India as a big society then hindu-society or muslim-society etc are the societies within India-society. And the laws are not made on the basis of society in majority and ignoring the minority.

Gay/Lesbians also form a society, although very small, that depends on the mercy of large societies.

Ours is the pluralist society and non-acceptance of homosexuals in the society is the denial of fundamental right to the people.

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